Turbo 660

Turbo 660 High Performance Trail Kit

JD Powersports is proud to bring to you a very high quality, high performance trail kit for T660 touring, T660ST & T660 Bearcat turbo snowmobiles. With over two years of development & testing were certain you will enjoy the power that is unleashed at the tune of 130+hp & 150+hp. This is the same kit that was dynoed at Dyno Tech Research that was stabbed tested at 165hp.

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All kits are plug & play. Designed to work in conjunction with your factory ECU. The JD Controller controls all functions that effect engine performance and leaving the stock ECU in place to control all other functions that are not related to engine performance. With the aid of the Super Flow 902 Dyno® no need to spend countless hours & expensive equipment making sure you have correct A/F ratios, timing ,and boost pressures added or taken away at the right time. We took the guess work out so all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

The new snowmobiles that are being produced today are high tech & precise, to work flawlessly with all the factory electronics you would need a system that is as fast & as smart as the factory ECU. There are many “backyard” ways to get more performance out of your turbo sled, but as most of us know there is always another complication that comes along with every change, and with the cost of rebuilding a 4-stroke you do not want to make any mistakes.

You can switch between having 130+hp to 150+hp on the fly with a flip of a switch. Kits include all electronics in weather tight enclosures, sealed connectors, abrasion resistant wiring harnesses, sealed map selection switch, stainless steel mounting hardware, all necessary programming, clutch kit & detailed instructions. This kit will take about 1.5 hours to install.

Another great feature of this kit is if you still need more power & you may want to upgrade to larger injectors, turbo, different muffler, etc, just send us your main control box & we will program your controller with every upgrade you buy from us. Say you decide to change to a different model 4-stroke Arctic Cat snowmobile in the future, since you have most of everything you will need for your new sled all you would need to buy would be a wiring harness, programming, clutch kit & you will be ready to ride.


Performance has never been easier & more affordable.
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